yohoho.ioYoHoHo.io is here! The most popular pirate battle royale game online is now available at Friv! Become a pirate and compete against other pirates on a tropical island map. Wander around the game world and search for treasure chests. Collect doubloons to grow bigger and kill your opponents to get their booty. There are plenty of characters you can play with, but they all need to be unlocked first. Spend your collected gold coins to unlock new characters with various different types of weapons including swords, forks, axes and maces. Use the mouse cursor to move, click to attack an opponent. Hold your left mouse button and release it for a special attack. You will have to perform multiple attacks to kill an opponent with full health. Watch out for the decreasing border and stay in the safe zone indicated by a circle on the mini-map. Try to survive for as long as possible to be the last man standing in YoHoHo.io at Friv.cm.

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