Worms Zone


worms zoneAre you ready to become a worm? In the Worms Zone .io game online at Friv, you take the role of a funny-looking worm-like character and your mission is to grow bigger, eliminate others and survive. Enter the battle and compete against other players in a multiplayer arena. Eat all kinds of delicious food to increase your size and collect power-ups to get stronger. Encircle your opponents to make them crash into your body and get their food. Activate the turbo-speed mode by holding the mouse button. It will make your character go faster, which will help you escape from larger worms or chase down smaller worms. Pick up coins scattered around the map and use them to buy stuff. You can customize the appearance of your character in the wardrobe menu. There are various different skins and faces that you can add to your worm to make it look special. Can you become the biggest worm in the Worms Zone game at Friv?

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