wormate.ioWormate.io is another snake-like survival .io game similar to the famous Slither.io, that became so popular at Friv. You take a control of your own worm and your objective is to navigate him around the map and survive. Eat various kinds of food and defeat other players. The worms are real gourmets. They like to taste cakes, chocolate biscuits and other sweet stuff. There are so much sweets around the worm, it seems he lives in the candy land. Move your mouse around the map, your worm will follow it. Click your left mouse button for a higher speed. Avoid hitting other worms at all costs. If any of the worms on the map touches an opponent, he dies and splits in pieces of food. Try to each as much food as possible and become the biggest worm on the map. In Wormate.io it’s easier to get to the leaderboard than in other similar games. Can you become the longest worm and avoid being eaten by others in Wormate.io at Friv.cm?

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