Worm Hunt


worm huntWorm Hunt is a multiplayer .io game online inspired by the famous titles Worms and Snake. It features cute characters and addicting gameplay with daily rewards and other interesting stuff. You start as a little worm and your objective is to eat food and grow bigger, so you will be able to compete against other worms in the arena. When you are too small, you should always be careful and run away from bigger worms trying to kill you. But, once you are big enough, you can try to encircle smaller opponents and force them to crash into your body. They will die and transform into large amounts food that can be eaten by others. Collect power-ups along the way, they will improve your hunting skills for a short period of time. After each match, you will earn rewards such as coins and gems, they can be used for buying upgrades and cosmetics. In the Worm Hunt game online at Friv.cm, there are multiple different game modes to play.

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