Unikitty Save the Kingdom


unikitty save the kingdomUnikitty Save the Kingdom is a free adventure game online in which you will be helping a magical creature called Unikitty, who is a hybrid of a unicorn and cat, a princess and the ruler of the Unikingdom. Your mission is to save her kingdom, defeat the evil Doom Lords and make all people happy. Guide your princess through the colorful world, collect the Sparkle Matter and find all citizens of the kingdom. Fight against various types of opponents and survive. In the Unikitty Save the Kingdom game at Friv, you will not only be playing as the princess Unikitty, but also as her beloved friends Dr. Fox, Hawkodile and Puppycorn. Control your character with arrow keys. Press your space bar to attack an opponent. Each of the playable characters has his own special attack. Make sure you use that attack before an enemy hits you, otherwise you will lose a life. Can you save all citizens of the Unikingdom and defeat the Doom Lords?

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