Ultimate Hero Clash 2


ultimate hero clash 2Ultimate Hero Clash 2 is a retro fighting game online at Friv in which the Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) will compete against each other in the ultimate superhero confrontation. Have you ever wondered which one of these evil-fighting forces would win in a face-to-face battle? Here is your chance to find out! Choose one or more of the superheroes, select your opponents and enter the arena. Use left and right arrow keys to control your character, double press any of the keys to change against an opponent. Press up arrow to jump, down arrow to block. Use your Z and X keys to punch and kick, or combine them to perform a spin attack. Charge up your special ability by doing combos. You can activate the special ability by pressing space bar. In the Ultimate Hero Clash 2 game at Friv, there are various game modes and many different superheroes to choose from, which makes the game super-fun to play.

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