Tiny Fishing


tiny fishingTiny Fishing is a free fishing game online with a super-simple yet highly-addicting gameplay mechanism. Thanks to our Friv Games site, you can now play this popular title for free directly in your browser! You become a fisherman whose mission is to catch various types of fish and earn money. Upgrade your fishing rod and improve your casting and reeling skills to make your job more effective. Unlock new hooks by spending gold in the shop. Enter the aquarium and earn some extra money by collecting cash from the fish you already own. You can either catch normal fish, rare fish, or legendary fish. The legendary fish will earn you the most money, while the normal and rare fish will earn you a little less. The larger fish species in the deep water will also earn you more money compared to the smaller fish under the surface. In the Tiny Fishing game at Friv.cm, there is a countless number of fish species, can you catch them all?

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