Thumb Fighter


thumb fighterThumb Fighter is a two player Friv game online that is about funny fighting fingers. Remember that thumb fighting game that we used to play as little kids? Here is another chance to have some fun with fingers again! Create your customized thumb fighter and compete against other thumb fighters in a grand tournament! You can either play against PC or challenge your friend. Be patient and smash the opposing finger at the right moment. Try to be faster than the opponent and win 2 rounds to become the winner of the match. Each time a finger hits the opponent, a part of it’s life will disappear. Once there is no more life left, the finger is k.o.! The health bars of each of the fighters are shown on top of the screen. The controls of the game are super simple: As player 1, use your A key, as player 2 use your L key to attack the opponent. Are your reflexes good enough so you can beat the competition in Thumb Fighter game at Friv?

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