The Floor Is Lava


the floor is lavaThe Floor Is Lava is a fun Friv game online inspired by the famous Cartoon Network comedy series Apple and Onion. Your mission is to help both of the heroes play the classic game called “The Floor Is Lava” and complete all levels as quickly as possible. Control your character, jump over obstacles and avoid touching the ground at all costs. If you are not careful enough and touch the ground, the lava will burn you and the game is over. Move around the map using your left and right arrow keys. Press your space bar to jump. Use your up and down arrow keys to climb ladders. You can switch between characters at some specific locations when required. Collect bank notes along the way to increase your score. In each level, you will earn up to three stars depending on how fast you were and how many bank notes you have collected. There are 15 challenging levels in 5 different locations in the The Floor Is Lava game at

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