tetrisTetris is one of the most famous classic arcade games of all times and you can now play it for free at Friv.cm! The game has gained huge popularity thanks to its simple puzzle mechanics and addicting gameplay. Your objective is to rotate and place geometric shapes (tetrominoes) that are falling onto the field, make them fit into each other and build horizontal lines. There are seven different types of shapes and each of them consists of four tiles. If you manage to put together multiple shapes, you can form a horizontal line. If one or more lines has been formed, they will disappear and create space for new blocks. The game is pretty easy at the beginning and you will have a lot of time to decide where to put the shapes. But, after a couple of minutes, the speed will increase and the gameplay will become much more difficult. Use your mouse or arrows to rotate the shapes or make them fall faster. How many points can you score?

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