Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts 2


teen titans go jump jousts 2The Teen Titans Go series from the Cartoon Network is back at Friv with another free fighting game! In the Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts 2 game online, your mission is to play as one of the famous superheroes, fight other characters and win the tournament. Select one of the game modes, pick your favorite character and start the battle. There are 2 game modes and 10 playable characters to choose from. Each of the characters can be customized by choosing different colors. You can either play the single mode to compete against a PC opponent, or challenge your friend in the two player mode to see who is the better fighter. Use your arrow keys to move, press A to attack, S for a special attack. Watch your remaining health on the top of the screen and make sure your opponent dies faster than you within the given time limit. Can you beat all other Teen Titans superheroes and win the tournament in the Jump Jousts 2 game at Friv?

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