taming.ioTaming.io is another awesome survival .io game online that you can play for free at Friv.cm! Your objective is to build a base, gather resources, fight enemies and survive. Use various weapons to defend yourself against dangerous creatures and other players. You can build many different types of defensive structures such as walls and turrets to fortify your base. You will never feel alone in this game, because there will always be a pet fighting on your side! You can choose from a wide selection of pets such as wolves, rabbits, bears, foxes, etc. Each of the pets has its unique strengths and weaknesses and it will follow you wherever you go. You can name your pet, customize its appearance and upgrade its traits as you progress in the game. Additionally, you can also tame wild animals and convert them into your pet. In the Taming.io game online at Friv, you can have up to three different pets following you, fighting on your side.

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