Super Onion Boy


super onion boyDo you like Mario? If yes, then you will love this new platformer! In Super Onion Boy, you will become a funny onion character with a mission to rescue a kidnapped princess. The game is very similar to the famous Super Marion Flash game that is so popular on our Friv games website. Go through 15 challenging levels and avoid touching various creatures wandering around the map. Use your arrows to control the Onion Boy. Press the Z key to jump, hold the key for a little longer to jump higher. Get on platforms and jump on the creatures to get rid of them. Some of them are harder to kill, and you will have to jump on them multiple times. Collect coins and stars to increase your score. You can also get an extra life by finding hearts hidden in some of the boxes. Try to finish all levels as quickly as you can and win the final boss fight to complete the game. With the Super Onion Boy game at, you will surely have lots of fun!

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