Snow Rider 3D


snow rider 3dSnow Rider 3D is a Christmas-themed sled driving Friv game online with realistic graphics and challenging gameplay. Hop on your sled, slide down a giant mountain and go as far as possible without crashing. Evade various obstacles and collect gifts along the way. Beware of many dangerous objects in front of you such as rocks, trees, and snowmen. Use the collected gifts to purchase new sleds in the shop. There is about a dozen of different sleds to choose from including wooden, plastic, metal, round, or Santa sled. Use your left and right arrow keys to steer into directions. Press your up arrow key to jump over gaps and smaller objects. Sometimes, jumping will be necessary to avoid a crash. But, be careful and make sure you land properly. You can see your latest score, best score and number of plays in the main menu. The Snow Rider 3D game online at Friv is a great challenge and it will really test your nerves and reflexes!

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