Snakes and Ladders


snakes and laddersSnakes and Ladders is a popular board game online that can be played by two players on the same PC. If you are a fan of other board games on our Friv games site such as Ludo or Master Chess, you will absolutely love this title! Your objective is to navigate a piece around the game board and reach the finish as quickly as possible. Roll the dice and move your piece according to the number you have rolled. If you roll a six, you will earn an extra turn. There are snakes and ladders scattered around the game board. The ladders will help you climb up and speed up your progress, while the snakes will make you slide down and slow down your progress. Each snake and ladder comes with a different size to make the game more interesting and fun. The first player to reach the very last square on the game board wins the match. Let’s see if you beat your opponent in this two-player Friv game online called Snakes and Ladders!

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