Short Life


short life Short Life is a Friv game online with an extremely brutal gameplay and a lot of blood. Your goal is to guide a funny character through a deadly obstacle course and make him survive for as long as possible. There will be dozens of dangerous objects standing in your way, making it very difficult. Try to overcome them and prolong the life of your guy. Avoid touching spikes, saws or any other sharp items. Jump over mines, they will blow your character up. Timing is crucial, especially when facing moving or rotating objects. Use your left and right arrow keys to walk into directions. Press your up arrow key to jump or to stand up, press your down arrow key to crouch. Collect stars along the way to increase your score. You will also earn some extra points if you are fast enough. Reach the finish line to complete each level. Short Life game online at Friv offers 16 challenging levels, can you make it to the end of each of them in one piece?

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