Power Rangers Megaforce


power rangers megaforcePower Rangers Megaforce: Never Surrender is an online game at Friv, in which you will take a control of the famous TV characters, the Power Rangers! Choose your difficulty level, pick one of the heroes and select a partner, then you can jump right into the battle. Fight against evil enemies and use the powers of Megazord to defeat them! Make sure that none of the rangers will ever surrender! Move your character using the arrow keys. Press Z to jump, space to attack. Aim in any direction and hold your space bar to shoot the Mega Blaster and paralyze an opponent. Hold an arrow key and tap your space bar for a shoulder bash. Collect coins fallen from the enemy bodies to increase your score. Pick up med kits to restore your health. The number of collected coins and your health bar are both displayed on top of the screen. Can both of your characters survive the waves of enemy attacks in Power Rangers Megaforce game online at Friv.cm?

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