Penalty Shooters 2


penalty shooters 2Penalty Shooters 2 is a sequel to the popular soccer penalty shooting game at Friv. It offers 12 most famous football leagues from countries all around the world. Choose one of the leagues, then select a fantasy team and lead them to glory. In Penalty Shooters 2, you take the role of both a striker and a goalkeeper. As a striker, concentrate on the ball and use your mouse to kick the ball towards the opponents goal. Click your left mouse button and hold it until you are happy with the target. Release it to strike the ball and perform a shot. As a goalkeeper you will have to wait until you see the target. Click at the target as quickly as you can, hold it and release to jump into that direction and save the ball. You will need to have really fast reflex to be successful while goalkeeping. Score more goals than the opposing team to win the match. Try to finish at the top of the group stage to advance to the play offs for a chance to win the cup!

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