Penalty Fever 3D


penalty fever 3dPenalty Fever 3D is a brilliant soccer game online and it’s one of the best sports games at Friv. Are you ready to play at a huge stadium? Put on your cleats and strike the ball like never before! Choose one of the 32 international teams and guide them to the World cup title in this great penalty shoot-out challenge. You will strike the ball as well as take a role of the goalkeeper. Timing and fast reflexes are crucial in both situations, so you will need to show your best football skills! To shoot the ball towards the goal, click and hold your left mouse button for a moment, then release it to perform a shot. As the goalkeeper, you need to keep an eye on the ball. Click anywhere around the goal, where you think the striker will kick the ball into. You only have a spit second to react and successfully save the goal. Try to beat all opponent teams in the play off tree to advance into the finals and win the tournament in Penalty Fever 3D at Friv Games.

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