229,380 is back at Friv with a brand new sequel! If you have enjoyed the first game, you will like the 2nd one even more! As in the original title, your goal is to navigate a rectangular character and conquer territories. This time with better graphics and improved gameplay. You can now draw curvy lines! If you still like the older version of the game, you can play it by selecting the classic game mode. There are also some other game modes with different rules and objectives. Compete against opponent players from all around the world. Use your arrow keys or W,A,S,D keys to control your paper block. Draw lines around the map and connect them with your original territory to increase it’s size. Steal enemy territories by drawing your lines over them. Avoid hitting walls. Bite enemy tails but don’t let the enemy bite yours! Break enemy lines to eliminate them. If an enemy character touches your line, the game is over for you.

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