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Papa’s Games List

Papa’s games are free online games made by the Flipline Studios. They have been released on multiple platforms including PC and mobile, and have gained a huge popularity among players of all ages. The games feature a fictional character called Papa Louie and his employees working for him. Most of the games are about cooking and restaurant management, but there are some platformers as well.

Types of Papa’s Games

In total, there have been 17 Papa’s games online released since the early 2000s, with 14 cooking games and 3 arcade platformers. The cooking games all share the same principal. You take the role of a restaurant employee and your mission is to prepare food, serve customers and earn tips. These titles are great for anyone looking for a fun management game with various kinds of food and desserts.

Best Papa’s Games at Friv

If you are in search of the absolute best Papa’s games at Friv, then there are three titles that you will definitely love to play. Papas Pizzeria is the very first cooking game from the Flipline Studios and it is considered the best Papa’s game of all times. Papa’s Burgeria and Papa’s Freezeria are also extremely popular. So, if you would like to learn how to cook a pizza or hamburger, just start playing at Friv!