68,025 is a 2-dimensional multiplayer shooting game online and it is now available at Friv. In this awesome action title, you take the role of a stickman ninja and you have to fight other ninjas using various guns. Jump around the map and try to outmaneuver shots of your opponents. Try to kill as many enemy characters as possible. There is a generous amount of weapons such as shotguns, rifles, grenades or even futuristic laser guns and cannons. offers two different game modes that you can play at any time. Enter the Deathmatch mode to simply jump into the battle and compete against all other players. Play the Capture the Flag mode if you want to be a part of a team. The objective of the Capture the Flag mode is to coop with teammates, capture the flag and bring it to your base. Use your W,A,D keys to run and jump. Left click to shoot, right click to fly. Press Q to switch between weapons, E to throw grenades.

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