28,697 is another cool .io game online that you can enjoy for free at! Control your narwhal, attack the opponents and survive. Choose a server and compete against other players around the World. Swim around the map, fight other narwhales and try to split them in half. Narwhales will attempt to pierce each other with their tusks. Try to be faster than others, otherwise you will become a prey. You earn a level every time you kill an opponent. Navigate your narwhal around the map by moving your mouse cursor into directions. It will swim automatically in the direction you are pointing to. Click your left mouse button for a speed boost. Hit the sweet spot of the enemy body to cut them in half. You can customize your narwhale’s appearance. Skins can only be accessed by sharing the game on Reddit, Discord, or Facebook. Beat as many opponents as possible and become the strongest narwhal in at Friv!