Murder Mafia


murder mafiaMurder Mafia is a brand new version of the popular adventure game online, the original Murder that is also available on our Friv games site. This time, you will take the role of a mafia boss and your mission is to live for as long as possible without getting killed. But, it won’t be as easy as it sounds, because everyone around you is trying to cut your throat! Danger is coming from everywhere and you can’t even trust the members of your family. Watch out for every person coming to you from behind and don’t give them enough time to kill you. They will be using various types of weapons and killing techniques such as knifes, pistols, or poison. Try to react as quickly as you can to prevent murder and throw the suspect into prison. If you are too slow, you will get killed and replaced by the person who just killed you. Do you have what it takes to catch all the suspects and live a long life in this fun Friv game online called Murder Mafia?

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