64,527 is another super fun and addicting survival .io game online, that you can enjoy at Friv! Take care of an animal and climb up in the food chain to survive for as long as possible. First, you have to choose which animal you want to spawn as, then you can start playing. Move around the map using your mouse cursor, your animal will follow it automatically. Eat any kinds of food you will find along the way. Consume various types of fruits, mushrooms etc. and grow up. Spice peppers will boost your speed. Watch your thirst level at the bottom of the screen, drink some water if it’s too low. Every time you get big enough, you can evolve into a more complex organism. Be careful and watch out for the enemy players, they will try to eat you. Once you are dead, you can re-spawn with the experience you have previously earned. Can you survive all the dangers of the wild nature and evolve into something special in

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