71,657 is another survival .io game online at Friv. Your objective is to build a village, fortify it and then defend it against enemy players. First, you will have to gather some resources. Hit rocks and trees to collect the resources (wood and stones) and start building. Gathering resources gives you experience points. Spend the gathered resources to build mills and walls. The mills will give you points over time. The walls will protect your windmills against the hostile players. Collect fruits from the bushes, it will restore your health. Once in a while, when you level up, you can upgrade your abilities. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys. Press your 1-9 keys or click using your left mouse button to select an item or building. Gather resources using your left mouse button or space bar. Make sure that you keep an eye at the enemy players, they can attack you at any moment. Try to become the most successful player on the entire server.

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