Mini Dash


mini dashMini Dash is a brilliant platform running arcade game. In this cool Friv game online, you take the role of a yellow creature and your only objective is to get to the exit of each level in one piece. Run and jump using arrow keys and avoid touching deadly objects. Basically, what is sharp will kill you. Press the up arrow key twice while in mid-air for a longer double jump. When needed, you can press the up arrow key and hold to stick to the ceiling and run upside down. Collect mushrooms along the way and use them to skip harder levels. There are hidden secrets in some of the levels, try to find them. If you are lost at any point, follow the red arrows. Get a score of up to 3 stars after completing each level. The number of stars you receive depends on how quickly you did it. Unlock new worlds with awesome adventures as you advance further in the game. Will you be able to finish all worlds and complete Mini Dash game online at Friv Games?

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