minecraft.ioMinecraft.io is an online .io game based on the Classic Minecraft. In Minecraft.io at Friv, you can do the same things as in the original Minecraft game and more! Gather resources, build houses and craft various mechanisms. Make new friends and go together to fight some evil mobs or destroy your enemies! Select one of the servers and jump into the world of Minecraft. Use your arrow keys to move your character around the map. Left click to attack. Right click to use items (build new block, open block inventory etc.) Press E to open your inventory. Hold your left shift to run. Press enter to chat. Use your numeric keys (1-8) to switch between active item in the quick inventory. Press Q to drop the active item. To craft items, you need a crafting table. Use you right mouse button to place it anywhere near your character. Take a look at the recipes to see what resources are needed for each item. Let’s have fun in Mine-Craft.io at Friv!

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