Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense


merge cannon chicken defenseMerge Cannon: Chicken Defense is a super-fun strategy Friv game online in which you will have to defend your castle against waves of chicken invaders. Build cannons and merge them to create a more powerful version of the cannon. Click on boxes to open them, they will give you some extra cannons that can be merged. Use your mouse to drag cannons onto the wall, so they will be able to protect the castle. Each wave of enemies will be stronger and harder to defeat than the previous one, so you will have to keep upgrading your castle, otherwise the chickens will destroy it. Killing enemies will earn you coins, they are the main currency in the game. Enter the shop to buy weapons and upgrades individually. You will level up as you progress and there will be better cannons available for you to buy. Let’s see how many chicken attackers can your castle wall withstand in the Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense game online at Friv.

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