Merge Cakes


merge cakes Do you like cooking and merge games? Then you will love the Merge Cakes online game at Friv! You are a chef and your job is to prepare and serve desserts. Wait for plates to appear on the table or click on the icon to speed it up. Open each plate and see what type of dessert you will get. Merge desserts of the same type to combine them and create bigger and better desserts. You will be able to prepare all kinds of sweets, doughnuts, cakes, etc. Each dessert on the screen will earn you coins depending on its level. Spend the earned coins to get some extra plates with high level cakes. Use your mouse to drag one dessert onto another and see what happens. You will unlock new recipes and level up as you progress in the game. Watch your statistics such as the amount of collected coins and current level on the top of the screen. Can you unlock and collect all types of sweet sugary treats in the Merge Cakes game at

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