Mad Fish


mad fishMad Fish is a cool Friv game online in which you will become a little fish. Your objective is to eat other fish to grow big and survive. Swim around the ocean, avoid all fish species that are bigger than you and eat those that are small enough for your mouth. If you encounter a big fish species, it will eat you and the game is over. Try to stay alive for as long as possible without getting eaten by other fish. Use your arrow keys, WASD keys, or mouse to control your character. You will earn points for every successfully eaten fish. The amount of points depends on the fish size. Your current score and elapsed time are both displayed at the top of the screen. You can see your top score in the main menu. You can also enter the full screen mode from the main menu. In the Mad Fish game online at Friv, you can play with two other players on the same PC. So, you can challenge your friends and see whose fish can grow the biggest.

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