ludoLudo is one of the most popular board games at Friv! With the Ludo Hero game online, you can now enjoy this awesome multiplayer title with your friends! The game can be played by two to four people and you can either play against the computer, or challenge your buddies. Each of the players has four tokens at the beginning and the goal is to get those tokens to the finish line. Throw the dice and try to roll a six to deploy one of your tokens. If you manage to roll a six, you also earn an additional roll. Move your token around the board according to the numbers you have rolled and deploy the rest of the tokens. Once you have deployed more than one token, you can choose which one you want to move in each turn. Other players will do the same during their turns. Try to be the first player who manages to put all the tokens into the center of the board to win the game. Can you beat all opponents and become the king of Ludo?

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