lordz2.ioLordz2.io Conquest is a sequel of one of the most popular .io games, the 1st Lordz.io at Friv. As in the original title, you will once again become a feudal lord and your goal is to build and manage a medieval army! Explore the map, collect gold coins and find the right place where to settle and build your castle. You can buy and upgrade soldiers or buildings for the gold, that you have collected. If you want to increase your population limit, you need to build houses. There are many different types of units you can recruit like common soldiers, archers, knights or even dragons. Protect your kingdom using walls and towers. Each of the buildings can be upgraded to increase it’s effectiveness. Once your army is large enough, you can start conquering enemy territories! Attack others and capture their lands by destroying buildings. Control your lord and army using your W,A,S,D keys. Hold your left mouse button to attack. Hit space bar to dash.

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