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.IO Games List

.IO games are free multiplayer games online that will let you compete against hundreds of players from all around the world. They are extremely fun to play, especially with friends. Playing .IO games online can improve your reflexes and competitiveness. IO games were first introduced back in 2015 and they are still popular among gamers. If you like this type of games, then we have plenty of them!

Categories of .IO Games

There are various types of .IO games online. Some action .IO games will give you an opportunity to become a professional soldier and fight against enemies in a battle, while others are just peaceful strategy games that are quite relaxing and educational. The most popular categories of free .IO games for kids are Slither.io games, battle royale games, team death-match games, and survival games.

Best .IO Games at Friv

The best .IO games of all times are Agar.io and Slither.io, but you will be able to find many more addicting games at our Friv website and they are as good as those two mentioned games! If you like shooting games, then you should check out the Shell Shockers game, in which you will become become a killer egg. Another awesome shooting game is Fortnite.io, which is the best battle royale game.