Idle Breakout


idle breakoutIdle Breakout is now available at Friv! If you enjoy old school arcade games and idle clickers, then you will love this title. The game is relaxing and fun to play for all generations of gamers. Your goal is to destroy bricks either by clicking on them, or by launching balls towards them. At the beginning, all you have is your mouse. Click on the bricks to destroy them and collect money. Each of the bricks has a specific value in dollars indicated on the tile. Once you have collected enough money, you can buy various types of colorful balls, which will help you speed up the process. They will move around the screen by bouncing off the walls and hit the tiles to make them disappear. In the Idle Breakout game at, there is a possibility to upgrade the balls to increase their speed and power. You can also upgrade your clicking power. After you have bought enough balls and upgrades, you will be able to automate the whole process.

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