97,236 is a cool snake .io game online inspired by the legendary and you can enjoy both of these titles at Friv! The game offers improved graphics and more fluid gameplay compared to similar games. In your task is to navigate a little glowing worm around a multiplayer arena and get into the way of enemy characters to eliminate them. Others will try to do the same to you, so make sure you avoid any collision at all costs! Eat colorful dots along the way, they act as food and make your worm grow bigger in size. If you kill an opponent, a lot of dots will appear in the area, gulping them will make your worm grow super-fast! Try to consume as many food pieces as possible to become the longest snake and dominate the server. You can see the leaderboard on the top right. Watch the mini-map so you can better orient on the battlefield. Can you defeat all other snakes in game online at

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