Google Doodle Baseball


google doodle baseballGoogle Doodle Baseball is now available at Friv! You can now enjoy this cool baseball game unblocked for free on our online gaming website! Celebrate the 4th of July Independence Day by playing a baseball match with funny food characters. You will have a chance to play as some of the popular American snacks such as a hamburger, hot dog, or pizza. Control your batter and shoot the ball as far as possible to score home runs. Watch the pitcher as he throws the ball and swing your bat at the right moment. If you make a successful hit, your character will start running bases. If you miss the ball, it is a strike. Miss three times and you are out. There are various types of pitches indicated by different colors. Blue and green pitches are slower and easier to hit. Yellow and purple pitches are faster and harder to hit. Red pitches are almost impossible to hit. How many points can you score in the Google Doodle Baseball game at

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