Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt 2


garfield's scary scavenger hunt 2Garfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt 2 Donuts of Doom is a sequel to the popular horror Friv game online. You take the role of the famous cat character from the cartoon TV series called Garfield. You are trapped in the haunted house once again and your goal is to find a way out. Collect seven packages of donuts hidden in the house. Look everywhere but watch out for the really scary things. If you get too scared, you loose! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the arrows on the screen to move Garfield from room to room. Move your mouse and click on the surrounding items to interact with them or pick them up. A list of the donuts you need to collect is displayed on the left, the Scare-o-Meter at the bottom and your inventory on the right of your screen. Solve challenging puzzles along the way and find some dark secrets about the old mansion as you progress further. Can you help Garfield to find the way out of the haunted house?

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