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Date Added: 2017-12-16
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Wormateio is a fantabulous online multiplayer game by io games that is slither styled to feature enthralling power ups, cool twists, interesting customizations and attractive food graphics. The worm based fun game has eye-catching animated graphics that make food appear more luscious and worms somewhat fussy.

How to Play

Wormate io is set against the wormworld backdrop and the objective is to grow your worm as big as you can by eating some taste-bud tantalizing food spawned across the map that guides you to other worms you must cut off. In order to kill a worm in the wormworld, all you need to do is push its head to crash into your worm's body. You will need to be quick while doing this, as any of the other worms can eat the dropped food.

This is also true for situations where you see two different warring worms at loggerheads with each other. This is a nice time to make your worm act fast, move along to their end, and snag their dropped mass or food to grow more.

Initially, in Wormateio, it's suggested that you do not take on the mighty big worms because your worm might not be that big at the start. However, you can have fun noshing on some tasty food taking on the rest of the worms as you move up the levels growing along the way. Be careful as the other worms would be wanting to eat your worm for food. Stay vigilant so that you aren't caught off guard by a big one in the wormworld.

If another worm or player's head touches your worm's body, it will die and you can take its rewarding points to add to your collection. However, if your worm bangs into a rival worm's body, it will die. The game features many bonuses as you move along the map that can be assimilated. While some of these will help your worm move fast or accelerate, others will assist it in growing big and so on.

Features of Wormateio
• Eat more food to grow your worm
• Move your mouse to control the worm
• Eat cookies, candies, donuts and delicious cakes
• Press the mouse to speed up or accelerate your worm
• To increase your food reserves, cut off others
• Collect bonuses along the wormworld map
• Collect magic potions - red, orange or blue - to enhance the speed twice