Funny Bone Surgery


funny bone surgeryFunny Bone Surgery is another cool surgery game for kids in which you will become a doctor. If you have enjoyed other surgery games on our Friv website, such as the Funny Throat Surgery game, you will absolutely love this title! You are a surgeon and your objective is to help a little girl who has had an accident. Clean your patient’s wounds and give her a painkiller. Examine her body and search for any signs of fractures. Use a scalpel to create a cut and open the tissue using retractors. Repair the broken bone by attaching a fixation plate onto it. Stitch the cut, so the tissue can start healing. If the bone is smashed into pieces, you will need to restructure it and put the pieces together. Once the surgery is finished, bandage the fracture to immobilize your patient’s leg. The Funny Bone Surgery game at is suitable for children that are interested in surgery games. It is a great game for those who would like to become a doctor.

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