Fishing Frenzy


fishing frenzyFishing Frenzy is a cool Friv game online in which you will become a fisherman. Put on your fishing gear, drive your boat and catch various types of fish to earn points. Not all species of fish can be caught and sharks will eat anything in their way, so if won’t be that easy. There is a target score that you have to reach to complete each level. Watch your remaining time and make sure you have enough worms in the bucket. Once the time runs out or you have no more worms left, the game is over. Use your left and right arrow keys to move into directions. Press and hold your down arrow key to use your hook and cast a line. Release the down arrow key to reel in and collect the catch. Press space bar to drop a bomb into the water and kill sharks. Pick up bonus items, they will increase your time limit, give you extra worms or bombs, etc. Let’s see how many fish can you catch in this awesome fishing game online called Fishing Frenzy.

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