Extreme Car Parking


extreme car parkingIt’s time to learn to park your car! In the Extreme Car Parking game at Friv, you will be driving around the streets and earn stars for parking your car correctly. Sounds easy, right? But, it actually isn’t! The car drives fast and the steering wheel is sensitive. You will have to be extremely careful to avoid crashing and wrecking your car. So, the only way to succeed, is to take your time and be precise. Use your arrow keys for steering, acceleration, and reverse. Look for a yellow parking space and find the shortest possible way to get your car to it. Evade other cars and various objects on the road. Watch the timer on top of the screen and try to be as fast as you can. The better your parking time is, the more stars you get. There is a total of 20 levels in the game and you can repeat each of them as many times as you want. The objective of the Extreme Car Parking game is to complete all levels and earn the maximum number of stars.

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