Dental Adventure


dental adventureDental Adventure at Friv is a fun doctor role-playing game online. Help the famous dentist Glenn Martin to take care of patients teeth. Use your mirror to search the patients mouth for problems. When you click on a problem, it will be highlighted with a blue circle. If you can’t see the problem, you can always click the x-ray panel to see which areas need a treatment. Press and hold your space bar to drain the saliva out of the patient’s mouth. If you let it build up too much, the game is over! The pain meter shows how much pain and discomfort your patient has at the moment. When you cause too much pain, the screen will flesh red and the pain meter will increase. Calm and numb the patient with the right amount of Laughing Gas or Novocaine. Turning on radio can also help to sooth your patient. Check the information card to find out which anesthesia to use and what genre of music to turn on. Can you become the best dentist?

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