Death Chase


death chaseDeath Chase is another super popular car racing game that is completely free to play at Friv! Control a powerful vehicle equipped with deadly weapons and prepare to be chased! Compete against other racers and try to finish at the 1st place. Drive across ramps, perform flips in the air and fill up your nitro boost. Use the speed boost once it’s full and make your car go even faster! Control your car using arrow keys. Press your Z key to jump or slam, X key to launch a rocket. Destroy your opponents so you can overtake them. In Death Chase, you can earn up to 3 stars at the end of each level and try your luck with the wheel of fortune. You will either win cash or diamonds that can both be used to upgrade your ride between stages! The game offers 14 fantastic and fully upgradable vehicles including a truck, tractor or formula one! Other than that, there are almost 200 levels for you to complete in Death Chase game at Friv!

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