Build Royale


build royaleBuild Royale, otherwise known as, is an outstanding battle royale .io game similar to the famous Zombs Royale title. Unlike in other battle royale games, in Build Royale you can craft fortifications. You start with a pickaxe and your objective is to gather resources, collect weapons scattered around the map and survive encounters of other players. There are also some useful utility items that will regenerate your health or give you a shield. Use the gathered resources to build walls for protection. Use your W,A,S,D keys to move. Look around and aim using your mouse, left click to shoot. Press E to interact with items. Press your numeric keys to switch between weapons. If you get hurt, select a bandage or armor potion and click to apply it. It will take few seconds before you are healed up, so keep that in mind. Try to survive for as long as possible and become the last man standing in the Build Royale .io game at Friv.

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