70,325 is a super cool io game online, in which your objective is to drive a vehicle with a circular flail attached to it. Compete against other players, destroy them and dominate the arena! Move around the map and collect crystals around you to make your flail grow bigger. Run over small green triangular shapes, they will increase your mass. Once your flail is big enough, you can start using it to destroy other players. When an enemy is killed, the crystals will also appear on the place of the death. The larger the enemy was, the larger the crystals that will appear. If you touch an enemy flail, you will be eliminated and will have to start again. If you touch an enemy flail with your flail, you can destroy them. Avoid touching the red areas at all costs, they will destroy you instantly! The key to be successful is to be quick, keep moving and stay focused all the time. How brutal can you be in this online .io game called

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