Bomb It 7


bomb it 7Bomb It 7 at Friv is a seventh episode of the super-awesome two player bomber-man inspired games series. As in the previous titles, you will once again have a chance to control a cute little character and bomb all your enemies around the map! Choose your preferred game mode and gameplay settings, then select your favorite character and start playing. There are 5 game modes to choose from and a large amount of customizable characters to play with. Some of the characters are locked at the beginning, use stars to unlock them. If you are bored of playing against the computer, you can challenge your friend in this game! Walk using your arrows or W,A,S,D keys. Place bombs with your space bar or enter key. Collect weapons, vehicles and power-ups scattered around the map, they will  make the gameplay even more fun. Unlock achievements as you complete different goals. How many opponents can you eliminate in Bomb It 7?

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