bloxorzBloxorz is a strategy game online with elements of physics and you can enjoy it completely for free at Friv. Your goal is to push a block and make it fall through a square shaped hole in each of the 33 levels. If you push the block off of the ground, you will have to start all over. Activate bridges and switches by moving your block on top of them. There are 2 kinds of the switches. Heavy X-shaped switches require much more pressure and the block must be standing on the edge to be able to activate it. Soft switches with octagonal shape will be activated easily once you push them. Each of the switches will activate a different function. Some of the switches will temporarily open closed bridges, others will make permanent bridges. There is a green and red light to help you recognize which of the bridges is being operated. Beware of the orange tiles, they are very fragile and if you stand your block on them vertically, it will fall through them!

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