Basketball Stars


basketball starsBasketball Stars 2019 is a brand new version of the popular two-player sports game online at Friv called Basketball Legends. Enjoy improved graphics and addictive gameplay! Take a control of the greatest NBA players and try to become the league champion! Choose one of the 3 game modes (Tournament, Random Match, Training), pick your favorite team and compete against the opponent teams. To become the champion in the Tournament mode, you will have to beat all opponent teams in the play-off tree. Play the Random Match for a quick match against any of the teams. If you feel like you need to improve your skills, you can always play the Training mode. Score baskets and perform various other tasks to unlock achievements. Move your player using left and right arrows, press twice for a dash. Pump or block an opponent using your down arrow. Shoot, dunk or steal the ball by pressing X. Perform a Super Shot by using Z.

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