Basket and Ball


basket and ballBasket and Ball at Friv is a cool basketball game with physics elements. Take a control of the rebel ball, bounce it to the basket and get a score to finish each of the 50 levels. You get 1, 2 or 3 stars at the end of each level depending on how well you have performed. Use your arrow keys to navigate the ball into directions, press space bar to bounce the ball off the ground or walls. Press space rapidly to activate power mode and then hold it to jump higher. Use trampoline to jump even higher! Mats reduce your bounciness. Navigate the ball strategically through moving platforms. Measured tactic is the key here. Watch your remaining time in the top right corner. Collect as many stars as you can for better score. There are various dangerous obstacles that you have to avoid. Spikes can pierce the ball, so you will have make sure the ball doesn’t touch them. Flying robots will paralyze you. If you land on a spring, it will bounce you away.

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